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Are Rob and Sophie DOOMED?


Maybe Rob Warne and Sophie Sierra aren’t exactly meant to be?

We all watched as Rob begged Sophie for a third chance after she caught him cheating on her (again).

It looks like they’re still trying. But 90 Day Fiance viewers aren’t so sure that it’ll work out.

Should they stay together? There are so many factors that could break them up forever.

Awkward! Rob and Sophie talk about their tentative reconciliation. (Image Credit: TLC)

But first, Rob and Sophie DO have things in common

Obviously, we’re going to list the multitude of things that could tear Rob and Sophie apart for good.

(Arguably, some of these are things that should tear them apart)

But there are some clear things that drew them together. This wasn’t a random pairing — they really did hit it off.

When Rob and Sophie first met up, they took some pretty cute photos. (Image Credit: TLC)

Rob and Sophie are both relatively young. Yes, there’s an age gap, but not a major one. She’s in her early 20s, which is arguably too young to marry under normal circumstances. He’s just over 30. That part’s fine.

They’re both biracial. This means that they have both lived specific experiences with racism and family dynamics that other Black people might not share. In part, this is how they met online.

Also? They’re both just super hot. That’s worth mentioning.

We get it– Rob is hot! (Image Credit: TLC)

But not all is well

There are, as we mentioned, plenty of issues that this couple are already facing or may eventually face.

Some of them may be obstacles that the two can overcome. They could even make them stronger as a couple.

Other hurdles may trip them up even more than what we’ve seen. And these could spell the end of their romance.

Sophie has such an adorable smile. (Image Credit: TLC)

Indoor plumbing, please

Rob’s home is … unusual. Many viewers are surprised to learn that it’s apparently legal (is it) to rent such a place.

He does not have a bathroom. Accessing the bathroom requires crossing the courtyard. The bathroom smells bad, and viewers can see swarming insects.

This is not a sustainable living situation. Rob can dismiss Sophie’s concerns all that he likes, but she’s right. How long does Rob expect her to live in substandard conditions?

Sophie Sierra uses the extra light from her phone's flashlight to put on makeup in a shared, outdoor bathroom.
Poor Sophie has to endure campground like conditions during her K-1 journey. Let’s hope that the outhouse-style bathroom doesn’t last the full 90 days. (Image Credit: TLC)

Rob is … moody

More than once, Rob has demonstrated what some fans have generously referred to as “crankiness.”

Put more bluntly, he seems to have an attitude problem. He oscillates from calm to angry and unkind at a moment’s notice.

At times, even things like mentioning his past mistakes or some light teasing about an elevator will make Rob … unpleasant. That’s not acceptable. And it’s the sort of thing that tends to get worse over time, not better.

Rob lost his cool at the airport, just minutes after his cringe dance and proposal. (Image Credit: TLC)

Twice a cheater

When Rob and Sophie were still long-distance, he sent horny messages to a girl who sent him sexual videos in return. At least, that’s what it sounds like. Sophie saw screenshots of their exchange, and it took her more than a year to trust him again.

Well, Rob did the same thing again — even knowing how devastated Sophie was the first time. We don’t know all of the details, but clearly it wasn’t just porn or “junk mail” like Rob tried to claim.

What seems to really hurt Sophie is that Rob did this twice. Also? Dismissing it as “online” and thus meaningless has to hurt. He met Sophie online.

Sweet Sophie cries, heartbroken, while explaining what she discovered on Rob’s phone. (Image Credit: TLC)

Rob has a chip on his shoulder

Sophie grew up with money. Rob very much did not. As a result, it’s been clear from day one that one of them has … resentment issues.

There are times when it sounds like Rob is personally angry with Sophie for not having suffered financially. Resenting economic injustice should never extend to holding a grudge against your future wife for the circumstances of her birth.

Some fans on social media have observed that Rob at times seems like he wants to “punish” Sophie for her upbringing. Is he even conscious of how this looks?

Rob Warne sits with his head resting on one hand on the headboard.
Rob likes to display an abrasive attitude whenever Sophie wants things to suck less. (Image Credit: TLC)

Sophie’s family effing hates Rob

Admittedly, we’ve only heard from her mom so far. But Claire even has a nickname for the guy. And even though “knob” means penis which should be a compliment, it is absolutely not.

Truth be told, Sophie’s mother’s opinions are making more and more sense as the season continues.

Point is … if your future mother-in-law despises you, it sometimes means that your relationship is under extra stress.

Claire has a fun nickname for Rob. It rhymes! (Image Credit: TLC)

Some kind of baby blues

It turns out that Sophie and Rob are on totally different wavelengths when it comes to whether or not to have kids. Part of it’s physical — Sophie is afraid of pregnancy (it’s horrifying) and isn’t sure if she can become pregnant.

But she also hasn’t allowed herself to imagine becoming a parent. Meanwhile, Rob is dead set on it. To the point where he allegedly cannot see the point of continuing a relationship if they’re not going to have kids.

There’s a lot at work with that. But basically, Sophie and Rob need to work this out. She’s the one with the uterus, so obviously it’s her call. Also? It’s not a great sign that they never discussed this.

Neither Rob nor Sophie expected to clash about baby plans, or a lack thereof. (Image Credit: TLC)


Sophie is bisexual. That’s not a surprise to viewers who might go days at a time without so much as seeing a single straight person. But she hasn’t told many people.

Sophie wants to come out to Rob. And she may even want to, only with his blessing, hook up with a woman one day. She hasn’t, but she’s a bi woman so that’s a normal thing for her to want.

How Rob responds to this — and how long Sophie takes to tell him — could be a bigger deal than it ought to be.

Sophie came out to her good friend before heading to the US. (Image Credit: TLC)

Are we saying that their relationship is doomed? Of course not.

Maybe it should be. They could both find people who are more compatible with them. They’re both major hotties and would likely have no trouble.

But … they could stay together for five days or fifty years. We’ve seen much worse couples stay together for a long time.


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