Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top on making an album during the pandemic

A: You’re close. Let me let me back up a little bit. After the wedding ceremony . . . we return to the hotel. I said, “Well, where’s Billy Joe?” And they said, “Look down on the floor.” And he and his buddy were engaged in a leg-wrestling match. And the next thing you know, Billy Joe is tumbling head over heels. Then the next thing I know, he’s vaporized once more. He’s at the dice table. He looked like he was in pain and holding his neck. And I said, “Man, are you okay?” And he goes, “Well, I’m not so sure.” I said, “Well, let me take you to the hospital.” He goes: “Well, yeah, I’m on a winning streak. Can you wait just a second?” But another 20 minutes went by. Finally, I got him to the doc, and they said, “My God, good thing you brought him, man, he’s got a broken neck!” Oh, it’s crazy.

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