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Brandan De Nuccio and Mary Rosa FIRED from 90 Day Fiance The Other Way?


On this season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Brandan De Nuccio and Mary Rosa’s drama has horrified fans.

A lot of viewers root for them as individuals. But, together, their relationship takes toxicity to new extremes.

We all know that Brandan and Mary are still together. They’re married, and reportedly have a baby on the way.

Maybe we know too much. Did TLC fire these two for oversharing online in violation of their NDA?

Mary and Brandan are attractive, sympathetic, and they are age-appropriate for each other. Fans still have some concerns. (TLC)

To start things off, why do people believe that Brandan De Nuccio and Mary Rosa are no longer attached to the franchise?

According to 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days star Statler Riley, TLC cut ties with the couple.

Statler made this claim on TikTok Live just last month.

Statler has a tendency to say exactly what she is saying or feeling. That can be admirable or self-destructive. (TLC)

The reason, according to Statler, was that Brandan and Mary had overshared their lives online — and spoiled their season.

That does sound realistic, both in terms of TLC’s expectations and Brandan and Mary’s behavior. And we have no reason to doubt Statler.

At the same time, we have no confirmation of this. Additionally, one has to wonder if Statler was also breaking rules by sharing this alleged information.

It’s very … sweet? … that Mary took such an interest in feeding Brandan after he arrived. (TLC)

As most 90 Day Fans are well aware, 90 Day Fiance cast members must sign NDAs.

Simply put, appearing on this show (or working on television in almost any capacity) entails contractual agreements.

With actors, writers, and crew, it’s more about not leaking plotlines or trade secrets or behind-the-scenes gossip. With reality stars, the pressures are a bit different.

Brandan De Nuccio is clearly a hard-working, good-looking young man. He only has eyes for Mary Rosa, however. (TLC)

In the case of reality TV stars, they have to actually conceal aspects of their own lives.

That’s tricky. At times, it’s impossible.

Existing 90 Day stars can usually reveal that they are still in a relationship. Usually. But production almost always wants new couples to keep their status under wraps.

Brandan’s first night with Mary did not exactly go as he had imagined it. (TLC)

Don’t get the wrong impression: Brandan and Mary haven’t gone rogue and posted every detail of their lives.

But even without confirming that they’re still together, perhaps they let too much slip.

Or perhaps, more accurately, Brandan’s mother’s Facebook posts from their wedding are the issue?

Brandan De Nuccio and Mary Rosa got married, as this Facebook photo that his mother Angela Stiggins shared at the time illustrates. (Facebook)

Because we know that Brandan and Mary married. And another relative (allegedly) was the one who leaked that Mary was expecting.

There are certainly still surprises in store for this couple. Whether they’re still part of the franchise … that’s anyone’s guess.

They’re not saying. We don’t think that Statler would lie about that, but she could always have heard wrong. It happens to the best of us.


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