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I was once contacted by the Guardian Birthdays column (Letters, 1 June), asking for my date of birth. This was in the days when actresses were advised never to reveal their age. I thanked them and wrote: “14/1/ha ha ha.” I never appeared in the column. But I have appeared in the obituary pages: I was thrown to see my photo there one day, illustrating another actress’s death. Next, I appeared in the corrections column.
Barbara Ewing

Your article (Most Britons cannot name all parts of the vulva, survey reveals, 30 May) reminded me of the patronising young (male) registrar who examined my stitches as I recovered from giving birth. “How’s the bottom doing?” he asked, thus enabling me to reply: “My bottom is doing fine, but my perineum isn’t so good.”
Alexandra Smithies
Oban, Argyll and Bute

It’s rare that any government is congratulated. But this government, for once, deserves praise for allowing more than 3,000 Afghan interpreters the safety of a home here (Report, 31 May). It was the right thing to do.
AJ Marsden
Ramsbottom, Greater Manchester

Surely the ultimate singles chart travesty (Letters, 1 June) was that perpetrated by Joe Dolce, whose Shaddap You Face denied Ultravox the top spot for their classic Vienna?
John Davies
Flitwick, Bedfordshire

The “kept off No 1” phenomenon works in reverse too. The only good thing about Joe Dolce’s Shaddap You Face was that it stopped the pretentious dirge that was Ultravox’s Vienna reaching No 1.
Andy Cole
Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire

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