How Russell Wilson Won Over Ciara

Russell Wilson and Ciara have been together for what feels like forever now. It’s safe to say that what they’ve got seems like true love.

But how did they get together in the first place, anyway?

Apparently, the first day that Russell met Ciara, he had been carrying around a “broke down” wallet “for a while.”

“First day we met — and we had been talking for two and a half hours, hanging out — she saw the wallet sitting on the table,” he recalled.

“She said, ‘What the hell is that? You’re losing with that.'”

“I put my finger [up] and said, ‘First of all, with me, you’re never losing,'” Russell said, before explaining that he also told Ciara how the wallet represented who he is.

“[T]hat wallet, that shows consistency. That’s what you’re going to get from me. You’re going to get somebody who is consistent for you every day.”

“Inside that wallet, there’s something that’s real in there.”

Personally, I would’ve just admitted that it was time to get a new wallet — but, hey, everyone’s different.

Watch the whole interview here.

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