Jim Jordan’s Brazen ‘Bipartisan’ Claim Gets The Treatment On Twitter

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) was mocked on Monday for his claim about bipartisanship in a new House GOP committee.

Jordan, the House Judiciary Committee chair, told Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo the first hearing of the House committee investigating the “Weaponization of Government” against conservatives was actually bipartisan because Republicans invited Tulsi Gabbard and Jonathan Turley to talk.

“I will point out, you know, our first hearing, it was bipartisan,” he said. “We invited Tulsi Gabbard in to talk, and she was tremendous. On the second panel, Jonathan Turley, he’s testified for Democrats and Republicans. So we tried to make this bipartisan because, frankly, it should be that way.”

Critics questioned the “bipartisan” claim, pointing out that Gabbard and Turley both frequently appear on conservative Fox News.

Gabbard formerly represented Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district as a Democrat. After a failed presidential campaign in 2020, she quit the party and became a paid contributor on Fox. She’s guest hosted for prime-time personality Tucker Carlson.

Attorney Turley is a legal analyst for the channel.

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