Microsoft Is Adding AI To Its Bing Search Engine

Another is “I need to throw a dinner party for 6 people who are vegetarian. Can you suggest a 3-course menu with a chocolate dessert?” The answer includes links to the individual recipes for each dish. But while you probably do need to click to look at the actual recipe, in a lot of other cases, a hypothetical user probably won’t bother clicking through to the links at all; they’ll have gotten the information they needed already.

What this means for websites whose information is being sucked into the answer modules is not known. Take the question about the pros and cons of the top three vacuums. Sites like Consumer Reports and Wirecutter usually rely on search to bring them traffic, as well as affiliate links to provide revenue once a shopper reads their review and decides to buy.

But if Bing essentially cuts out the intermediary (the website), this could hurt its business. Of course, Google and Bing already do this to some degree — typing “how tall is Rihanna” into Google’s search field will give you an immediate answer (5’8”), eliminating the need to click through to a site. 

Meanwhile, Google is scrambling to keep up in the AI wars. Its ChatGPT competitor called Bard will become available in the next few weeks.

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