Muscle Soreness After Working Out? Here’s How to Manage.

Maybe it was an intense spin class that put you over the edge, or reaching for a personal best in the squat. Perhaps it was dancing all night at a wedding reception, using muscles you haven’t worked in years. Whatever the cause, the next day you’re stiff, sore and moving a little slowly.

The reasons the human body becomes sore are surprisingly mysterious, with various theories coming in and out of fashion. The cause of soreness is complex, according to Gene Shirokobrod, a physical therapist and the chief executive of Recharge Health & Fitness in Maryland. “The answer is we still don’t know.”

What we do know is that soreness is an inflammation response to damaged tissues. It generally doesn’t mean you’ve done something wrong, or that you’re getting fitter. In most cases, it’s just an unpleasant side effect of a hard workout, after which your body tends to recover on its own. But if you ignore a sore muscle and jump right back into hard training, you can be at risk for more serious injury.

Finding ways to diminish muscle soreness is a multibillion-dollar industry that features compression recovery boots, massage guns and ice tubs. While many recovery tools do make you feel better, there’s a difference between relief and truly repairing the damaged tissues.

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