Style Invitational Week 1440: It’s parody time

It’s been six months since the last Style Invitational song parody contest; for that one, the Empress asked for songs for or about certain jobs. And before that, more than a year ago, was one for “life in the Age of Corona.” Which means we’re woefully late for … This week: Write a satiric song about anything in the news these days, set to any familiar tune. Videos are welcome as well (send us a YouTube link along with your lyrics); in fact, if you make a video, feel free to write your own music. The results that will run in the print Post — including the top four winners — will be set to very well known music so that readers can sing along without a reminder. See this week’s entry form for more instructions about how to submit your entries, and this week’s Style Conversational column for more about Invite songs in general.

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