The Bold Type Final Season Cast Interview

AD: We were shooting in Toronto and I was supposed to walk down stairs, but it wasn’t a real subway. So they put up these little rails, and usually you would have steps going down into the subway, but because we’re in Toronto, it was fake — it was actually just a sidewalk. In the scene, I had to get angry and walk off, but in reality I had to bog down, and pretend I was walking down the stairs [laughs].

KS: There was one night where we had a crazy night out. We forgot that we committed to going paddle boarding the next morning, so when we got there, we were all hungover on our paddle boards [laughs].

AD: It was not good.

MF: It was a struggle for sure. But for me, it was when we shot a couple of days of the pilot in New York. I think that was probably my favorite part of shooting it, because we all got to go. Shooting in New York is just, like, the best thing ever!

NOW: What has been your favorite behind-the-scenes moment while filming the final season?

KS: I don’t want to ruin anything, but there was a final scene that we did that none of us could get through without crying. I’m pretty sure we each got like one take of it, because we were all sobbing.

*I notice Aisha Dee making a confused face as if she didn’t remember that scene. She catches my eye and then we both start laughing.*

MF: What, do you want me to pull up the receipts?

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