The Empress of The Style Invitational discusses this week’s cicada art and new wordplay contest

Some of the entries were the product of painstaking craftsmanship — with the emphasis on “pain,” if other entrants agree with 334-time Loser Craig Dykstra, who told me: “Working with them is more disgusting than eating them. [He’d gone to a restaurant that was offering them.] Eating them in a taco, you don’t have to touch them, or pry their little wings apart, or separate their little legs, or look into their little red eyes, or see their butts fall off (that happens), etc. Ick. I feel like I need a Pulp Fiction-style hose-down.” Craig also was a devoted entrant of The Post’s Peeps diorama contest, and was featured twice (and really robbed of ink one year with a truly amazing Escher-like tower); and his Invite “die-orama” this year featured a flock of hapless Peep-chicks being devoured, starting with the face, by a swarm of cicadas.

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