This LGBTQ ?Giselle? from New York troupe Ballez celebrates individuality

Studying ballet as a teenager, Katy Pyle felt a kinship with Giselle, the love-shattered heroine of the classic 1841 ballet. A naive peasant maiden who adores dancing, Giselle succumbs to the attentions of a disguised philandering nobleman, and when his treachery comes to light, she goes mad and dies — transitioning to a realm of predatory spirits known as the Wilis. The betrayal plot twist resonated with Pyle, who would go on to become a choreographer and, in 2011, found Ballez, a New York-based troupe that reimagines ballet to celebrate — and be more inclusive of — queer, transgender, nonbinary and gender-nonconforming people and expression.

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