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Trump Family Trial Style – The New York Times

The New York attorney general’s office has finished presenting its case in the civil fraud trial of former President Donald J. Trump. The first act of the first episode in the extended series known as the Trump lawsuits has come to an end. (The defense begins next week, and four more criminal cases are pending.) The show, however, is only beginning.

Mr. Trump is, after all, a man who has always seen the presidency as perhaps the ultimate expression of reality TV. This stage may not be of his own choosing, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t opportunity involved — especially since his three adult children from his first marriage were also there, playing their usual parts. Down to the costumes.

Welcome to the new season of Trump family trial style. It involves a somewhat different look for the brand — one that is notably … well, blue.

The guest star of the week was Ivanka Trump, making a reluctant return to center stage after announcing on Instagram last year that she was stepping out of the political limelight. She was the focus of this week’s final scene, flying up from her home in Florida, emerging from the bowels of a black town car to make her entrance in a navy wool coat and navy pantsuit, a black leather tote clutched in one hand, tiny pearl studs in her ears and with her blond hair falling in soft waves around her face, the picture of gentle, pulled-together professionalism and good will.

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