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Trump Legal Team Assails Georgia Inquiry


The lawyers, however, said that Ms. Kohrs, in discussing the case, had in fact divulged a number of matters that they believed constituted “deliberations,” including jurors’ discussions about “who to call, why to call them” and “what battles they wanted to fight,” Jennifer Little, a lawyer for Mr. Trump, said.

But in an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Judge McBurney said he told jurors that deliberations are only “the discussions they had amongst themselves when it was just the grand jurors in the room.” By contrast, if a witness or prosecutor was in the room, “that’s not deliberations,” he said. “They’re not prohibited from talking about that, nor are they prohibited from talking about the fruit of their deliberations, which would be the final report.”

The Georgia investigation has lasted two years but has gathered momentum in recent weeks with the announcement, in January, that the special grand jury had completed its work and had written a final report.

The concerns about the case were raised in an interview late Wednesday at the Atlanta offices of Mr. Findling, a high-profile defense lawyer who has represented a number of rappers, including Cardi B and Gucci Mane. He was joined by Ms. Little, a former prosecutor in neighboring DeKalb County.

Mr. Findling said that by hinting that the jury had recommended a number of indictments, Ms. Kohrs had “poisoned” the pool of potential jurors for a regular grand jury that could eventually decide whether to issue criminal indictments.

“If, let’s say, there is a recommendation to go to a grand jury,” he said, “all potential grand juries in this part of the country that listen to a radio, read a newspaper, watch TV, go online, look at the news alerts on their phone, are now reading about the deliberations or what could be interpreted as the deliberations of that grand jury.”

Mr. Trump himself blasted Ms. Kohrs on Truth Social on Wednesday for “doing a Media Tour revealing, incredibly, the Grand Jury’s inner workings & thoughts.”


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