Venice Is Spared From a Spot on UNESCO World Heritage Danger List

Venice will not be included on UNESCO’s list of “World Heritage in Danger” after a panel voted on Thursday to reject the recommendation of experts at the agency who had raised concerns that Italy had not done enough to protect the fragile city, which is threatened by climate change, mass tourism and development.

Still, representatives of countries upholding the World Heritage Convention, which seeks to protect and preserve cultural sites, said in a statement that “further progress still needs to be made” to properly conserve Venice. During a debate on Thursday afternoon at a World Heritage Committee session in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, several delegates said Italy should host a new advisory mission in Venice in the coming months to monitor the efficacy of the measures that Italy has taken so far and to make suggestions.

“Venice is not at risk,” Mayor Luigi Brugnaro wrote on social media Thursday evening, describing the result as a “great victory.” Posting on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, he added: “The world has understood all the work we have done to save our city.”

Italy was warned in July that Venice, a World Heritage Site since 1987, was being considered for UNESCO’s “in danger” list, even though the state and city have made significant changes to try to protect Venice.

Matteo Secchi of the citizens’ group said that locals did not need UNESCO to tell them what was wrong with the city, even though a spotlight on the problems was welcome if it made the world take notice.

“We are only trying to carry on our culture, our life, and we see that it’s in danger. That’s why we get mad, why we make appeals to the world,” he said, adding of the tourists: “They’re not happy, we’re not happy, everyone isn’t happy.”

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