What does ‘ngl’ mean? Defining the acronym, examples in conversation

While scrolling through social media, like TikTok or Twitter, have you come across an acronym or word you’re unfamiliar with? Maybe internet slang has left you confused.

New abbreviations for texts and messages seem to pop up every day. Though these acronyms may be quick and to-the-point for some, for others, they are not so easy to decipher.

We’re here to help. Here is a rundown of different texting acronyms, such as “ngl.” 

What does ‘ngl’ mean? 

“Ngl” means “not gonna lie,” according to Cambridge Dictionary. It can be used in many ways, such as to admit something, express criticism or to make a complaint come across as less rude. 

The term, often spelled out in lowercase as “ngl”, is one of many acronyms used in texting, social media and among other parts of digital culture. 

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How to use ‘ngl’ 

Here are some examples of how to use “ngl”: 

  • “Ngl their latest song release is not good.” 
  • “Ngl I could really go for some McDonald’s right now.” 
  • “Ngl that haircut does not suit you.” 

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