Who’s Rooting for Whom at the Super Bowl?

Stars — they’re nothing like us. Except some of them, like many of us, will tune in this weekend to watch the Kansas City Chiefs face the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl. (You can find all of our coverage of the event here.) Stars — they’re occasionally like us!

But which stars, you might be asking yourself. While some famous fans have been very vocal about their loyalties — President Biden and Jill Biden, for example, have not exactly been shy about their love of the Eagles — there are others you might not know for their football obsessions. Here’s a quick rundown of just a few of the celebrities likely to be cheering on their favorite teams this weekend.

Jason Sudeikis brought his hometown pride to his Apple TV+ show “Ted Lasso”: Ted loves all things Kansas City. “I don’t think I’m the one that put it on the map,” Mr. Sudeikis said of the city at last year’s Emmy Awards. “I think the Royals and the Chiefs and Charlie Parker and Janelle Monáe and Don Cheadle and many, many other artists and people far greater than myself have added to that knowledge.”

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