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In December, when Mary Lamb, who splits her time between New York City and Singapore, visited Joali Being, a new wellness resort in the Maldives, she hoped to leave with a goal. “Every time I go to a wellness retreat, I do a bit of self-reflection and have a takeaway that I work on at home,” she said.

The wellness concept at Joali Being is rooted in four pillars: mind, skin, microbiome and energy. This informs everything — from the design of the property, on a lush island, to the culinary offerings and the treatments provided by a panel of physicians, Ayurvedic doctors, Chinese medicine specialists and an herbalist, among others. As part of the resort’s approach, guests receive five consultations: pre-arrival, three times during their stay and post-trip to ensure the integration of new habits. “We’re finding that our guests want to go beyond just relaxing,” said Magdy Abdelaty, the director of well-being at Joali. “They want a deeper understanding of themselves and what they need physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”

During her stay, Ms. Lamb received an evaluation with a Qest 4 device, which claims to use electric currents to test the health of organs and other body parts, providing data that helps tailor treatments for each guest. “The results said my gut needed attention, which is true,” Ms. Lamb said. She also discovered that her balance needed improvement after a functional movement analysis using a 3-D camera and a force platform, a device that helps gauge balance, posture and gait.

A personal trainer also gave her individualized exercises that she continues to do weekly. Ms. Lamb recommends the Watsu hydrotherapy 60-minute massage — one of the resort’s most frequently booked treatments — which combines massage, acupressure, stretching and rocking in the spa’s thermal pool. “I felt weightless, as though I was floating in space,” she said. (Rooms start at $2,146, plus tax, per night.)

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