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A TikTok Prank Of This High School Musical Scene Is Fire


“I gotta go my own way.” Literally.

Now, 2007 was quite a long time ago, so you may need a refresher. Long story short, in High School Musical 2, Gabriella decides to quit her job at the Evans’ family country club and leave Troy behind after a bunch of drama that summer.

One of the best parts of this scene is the EMOTION. There are lots of facial expressions. Harmonies. I mean, we’ve been invested in Gabriella and Troy’s relationship for so long, and then suddenly these two are separating in the middle of the summer?? Excuse me??


Imagine if Zac Efron looked at you like this.

And so, it made perfect sense for the HSM scene to resurface on TikTok and become a new couples trend — with a twist.

TikTokers have made this iconic moment a couples prank by re-creating the emotional scene with their significant other and then ditching them midsong, resulting in a funny video.

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