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Aaron Carter’s Iconic Song “How I Beat Shaq” Is A True Story, And I’m In Shock


Aaron DID put it in the hoop like slam!

If you’re a younger millennial like me, chances are you still remember the lyrics to Aaron Carter’s “How I Beat Shaq.” The chorus is extremely catchy and I cannot get it out of my head 20 years later.

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But let’s examine those lyrics for a sec — what are the chances of Aaron Carter beating a basketball legend like Shaquille O’Neal? That definitely didn’t happen, right?

Well, imagine my surprise finding out two decades later that Aaron DID beat Shaq!

Shaq made a virtual appearance on E!’s HappE! Hour on Instagram on Monday, where fans were allowed to send in any question for him. Someone asked what he remembers from filming the video for “How I Beat Shaq,” and Shaq revealed the true story behind the song.

He explained that the Backstreet Boys would often go record at his house and Aaron dropped by, too. “We had a H-O-R-S-E game one day and he beat me. Then he came back and said ‘I want to do a song’ and I said sure. He asked me to be in his video and I said sure,” he said.

So while Aaron definitely exaggerated his triumph, we now know he did, in fact, beat Shaq!

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