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Bolsonaro Takes New Covid Test After Attending July 4 Lunch Without Mask


RIO DE JANEIRO — President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil said Monday night that he went to the hospital for a lung scan and would take a new test for the novel coronavirus.

He took those steps after developing symptoms of the virus, including a fever, according to a report in Portuguese from CNN Brasil.

Even as several of Mr. Bolsonaro’s aides have tested positive for the virus in recent months, the president has often eschewed precautions such as mask wearing and social distancing. Most recently, he attended a luncheon on Saturday hosted by the American ambassador in Brazil to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday.

A photo taken during the lunch and posted on Twitter by Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo shows the president sitting next to the United States Ambassador to Brazil, Todd Chapman, giving a thumbs-up sign at a table decorated for the holiday. Neither was wearing a mask.

Late Monday, the president’s office said Mr. Bolsonaro’s test results were expected on Tuesday. “The president, at this time, is in good health and remains at his residence,” the statement said.

Also on Monday night, the U.S. embassy signaled concern that the ambassador might have been exposed to the virus, saying that Mr. Chapman does not have any symptoms but intends to get tested and “is taking the proper precautions,” including following contact tracing protocols established by the Centers for Disease Control.

“Our two governments have continuous communication, including on this matter,” the embassy statement said. “We wish President Bolsonaro a prompt recovery.”

While he awaits the test results, Mr. Bolsonaro cleared his schedule on Tuesday, according to several Brazilian press reports.


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