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Coronavirus Reopening: Co-ops, Nannies and Dog Walkers


Q: Even though New York is now in Phase 2 of its reopening process, the board of my Manhattan co-op is still following strict rules about vendors and visitors. All guests have to fill out a form providing their name and address, and answer personal questions about the reason for their visit, the state of their health, and even the mode of transport they used. Housekeepers, dog walkers and nannies still can’t come in at all. Is the board allowed to be this invasive and restrictive?

A: New York City has begun the slow process of reopening, but reopening does not mean a return to normal. This next phase will look quite different from the city we knew before the shutdown.

The state’s guidelines set minimum requirements for buildings, adding that owners are “free to provide additional precautions or increased restrictions.” The guidelines require buildings to screen all visitors with a questionnaire that asks about Covid-19 exposure. So your co-op’s form sounds like one that is in line with current rules, even if it may seem prying.


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