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Costco stops selling half-sheet cakes

The decision also coincides with a recommendation from several US states and health agencies to avoid or prohibit large gatherings in light of Covid-19. Half-sheet cakes feeds around 50 people, while its 10-inch round cake serves around a dozen.
Kroger (KR) and Sam’s Club stores have also appeared to stopped selling the half-sheet cake, according to an online search. However, Walmart (WMT), Albertson’s and H-E-B are still selling sheet cakes of various sizes.
Despite a growing number of coronavirus cases, a Costco executive previously told CNN Business it’s “trying to get back to normal, as areas around the country are trying to do the same.”
The chain started bringing back free food samples in a handful of stores and plans to roll them out to additional locations in the coming weeks. Costco is also loosening restrictions on the number of people members are allowed to bring with them during shopping trips.

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