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Damar Hamlin in critical condition after NFL Bills-Bengals game


Jordon Rooney, a friend and marketing representative of Damar Hamlin, said he’s confident in Hamlin’s ability to bounce back after collapsing on the field from cardiac arrest during a game on Monday.   

“He’s a fighter all the time; I mean if there’s anyone that you know I have confidence in making it out of anything, it’s him. He is someone who always figures out a way to come out on top,” Rooney told CNN’s Adrienne Broaddus Tuesday.   

“There’s a lot, first as his friend – just wanting to make sure he’s OK, and then you know as someone who’s supporting the family, wanting to protect them and wanting to own the narrative around Damar – I think it’s important for people to know who Damar is,” Rooney said.   

In his last conversation with Hamlin, Rooney said they were talking about his charitable contributions to the community.  

“Our last conversation, it was talking about his toy drive. We had two toy drives – so talking about the success of it, he was excited,” Rooney said. He also called Hamlin “strategic” and “personable.” 

Rooney said while he understands the fans desire to know more about Hamlin’s status, he’s asking for patience.  

“Be patient right now,” Rooney said. “This is a human being who has a family and … his wellbeing is what’s most important.” 

Rooney said he’s not in an official capacity to speak on Hamlin’s current medical condition.

“To be honest, I can’t speak on the medical stuff – like I’m just not well-versed enough to be able to give an expert opinion there,” Rooney said.

Despite the uncertainty of Hamlin’s condition, Rooney said he’s already looking forward to seeing Hamlin again.  

“I’m excited for him to bounce back from this, because Damar is someone who, he will use things like this, adversity, and he’ll make sure he inspires plenty of other people along the way,” he said.

In an earlier interview, Rooney said he met Hamlin when the player interned for him and the two have been good friends ever since.   

“I actually know Damar because him being a division one football player, reached out to me to be an intern for me. Which is something that’s pretty unique and the reason why is cause he’s always interested in being an entrepreneur and wanted to build his own brand,” Rooney told ABC’s Robin Roberts on “Good Morning America.” “He interned for me and then we just became super, super close so now, you know, we’re partners in a business together. We collaborate on a lot of things and we’re really good friends.”  

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