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Disney-Inspired Home Decor Helps Fans Take Home the Magic

The Mickey Mouse-shaped topiaries in front of Kelsey Hermanson’s house are the first hint at what visitors will find inside.

“You know how when you’re walking through a Disney park, and you have the option to go to Tomorrowland or to Fantasyland, and you have these different worlds that you get to sort of walk through and be in?” said Ms. Hermanson, 37. “That’s kind of how our house is.”

That is to say, each room in Ms. Hermanson’s 3,300-square-foot Seattle home has its own Disney-inspired theme.

The stairwell, for instance, pays tribute to “Peter Pan” with star-shaped pendant lighting fixtures, vintage décor on the windowsill that recalls Captain Hook’s galleon and wall decals of Wendy, her siblings and Peter scaling the wall.

Ms. Hermanson’s living room, anchored by an ocean blue sofa and a shadow box coffee table, calls to to “Lilo & Stitch” with character figurines, coastal accents and a thrift store oil painting adorned with stickers of the characters.

One recent project of hers was an “Aladdin”-themed guest bedroom. “We customized every piece that you see,” Ms. Sims said. This includes the magic carpet canopies over the beds and a divider, which separates a reading nook from the room, studded with acrylic and resin gemstones. “At night it is just absolutely stunning because they just reflect so much of the light when you turn the lights on in the room,” Ms. Sims added.

At a different house in Golden Oak, a room creates an underwater illusion with hand-painted water ripples on the ceiling and a starfish-embellished chandelier. The bottom of Ariel and Prince Eric’s boat juts out from the ceiling, too. There’s no mermaid in sight, but the aqua-hued room with an oversized clamshell headboard unquestionably pays tribute to “The Little Mermaid.”

Disney isn’t just for the kids: Child-free adults incorporate the Mouse into their house, too. In Columbia, S.C., Laura Chatterton and her husband, Chris Chatterton, both 36, have Disney merchandise throughout their home and pay homage to hidden Mickeys found throughout the parks. Ms. Chatterton, who grew up in Michigan, watched the Disney movies as a kid and traveled to the parks with her family. She and her husband discovered that they enjoyed trips to the parks together and they still go once or twice a year.

“Disney’s just our thing. It’s what we love doing. I think everyone has their own passion or hobby they like, and Disney just happens to be ours,” Ms. Chatterton said. Now their house has an extensive mug collection, Disney utensils, and several prints throughout.

In 2018, they combined their love of Disney with their love for plants when they began selling 3-D printed planters. Popular forms in their lineup include Cinderella’s castle and Spaceship Earth. “We were just blown away by the demand for it,” Ms. Chatterton said. They now both work full-time for their company, Galactic Garden Arts.

For some, however, Disney décor is symbolic. Uriel Diaz, 35, grew up as one of four siblings with Mexican immigrant parents. “Their idea of the American dream and the best that they could give their kid was Disney,” Mr. Diaz said. “My crib was Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. The whole nursery was Mickey and Minnie.” While his parents couldn’t afford to take them to the parks, they ensured that the children had access to the movies and clothing.

Today, Mr. Diaz works at his parents’ antique store, which goes hand-in-hand with his ever-growing Disney collection. He incorporates his collectibles in surprising ways throughout their San Antonio home, like turning a Disney VHS collection into a gallery wall.

Mr. Diaz’s décor is nostalgic, but it also, to him, serves as a reminder of what’s possible. “That’s another thing about being a ‘Disney adult.’ A lot of us didn’t get to have all of these things because of finances or lots of siblings or whatever,” said Mr. Diaz. “So it’s kind of just healing that inner child by giving them that, giving them all the things that they wanted when they were little and reminding them: You are worth having it.”

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