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Jill Duggar: Did She Just Confirm She’s Pregnant With Baby #3?


There’s a lot going on in Jill Duggar’s life these days.

And it looks like she might have just taken on even more responsibility.

Jill Duggar Battles the Coronavirus

As you’re probably aware, Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard, is feuding with her father, Jim Bob Duggar.

This has led to a period of estrangement, during which the Dillards have had virtually zero contact with the Duggars.

While we’re sure it hasn’t been easy, the coronavirus lockdown has likely made it less difficult for Jill and Derick to keep their distance from her parents.

Jill Duggar and Derek on Anniversary

But if there’s any truth to the latest rumors about the state of Jill’s uterus, the two families might be forced to bury the hatchet sooner than expected.

The speculation began when Jill posted some photos of a laidback weekend at home with her husband and kids.

“Loved the weekend chillin’ as a little family!” she captioned the post.

Derick Chillard

As you can see, it appears that the weather was ideal for a weekend of backyard relaxing.

Although some fans were less concerned with Derick’s fire-tending abilities and more interested in what they saw as a clue that Jill is pregnant with her third child.

In the photo below, Jill’s youngest son, Samuel, is wearing a shirt indicating that he’s the “big bro.”

Dillard Kids at Home

If you know anything about the manner in which Duggar fans dissect pics for clues about developments in the family’s personal life, then we probably don’t need to tell you that Jill’s followers took an intense interest in that little detail.

“The youngest has ‘big bro’ shirt on,” one user commented.

“Is there going to be a precious announcement?”

Jill Duggar: A Cute Photo

Jill was quick to respond to that direct question, but even that wasn’t enough to shut down the speculation.

“Haha no,” she replied.

“He just pulled big brother’s shirt out and wouldn’t let me take it off him.”

Again, you would think that would put the conversation to rest.

Happy Anniversary to Us! Yay!

But even though the Dillards are currently living off of Derick’s earnings as a Grub Hub driver, the idea of a Duggar woman stopping after two kids is inconceivable to many fans.

“I love your use of “little family” — I hope you had a great day. We will continue to cheer you on!” one follower commented.

“It’s time for another little one Jill,” another wrote.

Jill Duggar Birthday Pic

This certainly isn’t the first time that fans were incorrectly convinced that Jill was expecting.

As In Touch reports, back in October, Jill replaced some locks on her cabinets, and this simple home repair led to reports that she was engaged in some serious baby-proofing.

“Finally … for the third time in three years, I’m getting the cabinet locks on,” she wrote on Instagram.

Jill Duggar Has a Snack

“Y’all expecting baby #3?” a fan asked at the time.

“Does that mean there’s new news for you?”

Yet again, Jill shut down the rumors, and yet again, fans guilt-tripped her with their disappointment.

Jill, Derick, and Derick's Mustache

“Aww, [I] was secretly hoping that was a pregnancy announcement!” one person wrote.

“Keep up the handy work, mama! Jill of all trades!!!”

We guess Jill will have to be more careful about what she posts online.

Although it doesn’t really matter, in the end — fans who are determined to find “clues” are gonna find them regardless of her content.


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