Meghan Markle Returns to Acting with Surprising Role

Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are hurtling towards a fresh start in Los Angeles, many eyes are on her acting career.

After all, as this summer’s Suits success reminded the world, she was an actress long before she was a duchess.

Meghan has now gotten in front of a camera again — and not as herself.

However, it’s not quite the acting comeback that many of her fans had imagined. Take a look:

A smiling Meghan Markle walks off screen.
Meghan Markle cheers happily at the end of a commercial in which she played a small role. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Clevr has a promotional video out now on Instragram.

While it will never be the most iconic coffee advertisement for this time of year (Folgers nailed that over a decade ago), it’s cute and has a very cozy feel.

One part of the marketing has less to do with the product and more to do with one seemingly random participant in the ad.

An Instagram ad for Clevr blends, with Meghan Markle in the background.
At the start of Clevr’s ad, you can see Duchess Meghan Markle in the background. (Image Credit: Instagram)

“Damn, you’re keeping us BUSY right now! Had to call in some reinforcements,” Clevr’s Instagram account teased in the caption.

The video itself is a walkthrough of their alleged day-to-day.

Except that Meghan Markle adopts multiple roles. The ad doesn’t name her, but she appears in multiple shots.

Meghan Markle pretends to be part of a fulfillment crew, packing boxes during a commercial.
As Clevr’s co-founder quips that they’ve been listening to the pop princess on loop almost since the company’s inception, we see Meghan Markle behind her. (Image Credit: Instagram)

First, we see the Duchess of Sussex going through the motions of being part of the fulfillment crew. That is to say that she’s packing boxes.

Attention is on Clevr co-founder Hannah Mendoza, who walks viewers through how things work at “Clevr HQ.”

Then, Meghan very clearly appears again. This time, she’s adoping the role of part of the company’s digital department. A regular polymath, that Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle pretends to be part of the digital division of Clevr in a commercial screenshot.
Is Meghan Markle a technical expert? She portrays a tech wizard in this Clevr commercial. (Image Credit: Instagram)

And then we see her again, seemingly acting as a friendly colleague … or perhaps even an intern.

First, Meghan hands the co-founder a cup of coffee.

Then, she tries but fails to fistbump a coworker while walking off with a box of coffee. Our guess? This would have been an outtake, but was so cute and genuine that they opted to keep it in.

Meghan Markle walks past a coworker and fistbumps, but their fists don't align.
Fistbump fail? Meghan Markle and her on-screen coworker don’t quite connect in this Clevr commercial. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Now, a lot of people are wondering WTF she’s doing there. This is a random coffee commercial for a coffee commercial, and it doesn’t feature her center stage.

Well, Meghan has been a fan of Clevr since 2016, when the company launched. (We’re unsure why they didn’t start listening to Britney on a loop until 2019 … some of us have been doing it for decades)

Meghan also invested in the latte company back in December 2020. Notably, this was after she and Harry stepped away from the royal firm to live their own lives. So Meghan’s just supporting a business by quietly getting them some extra attention — and it’s working.

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