My Sex Life with Kody Sucked!

As we previously explained, Christine Brown has nothing to lose at this point when it comes to her former family.

She’s free from the control of ex-husband Kody, she’s happily married to a man who loves and respects her and she therefore sees no reason to hold back at this point.

Hence why she completely destroyed Robyn Brown during a recent appearance on the Juicy Scoop podcast with host Heather McDonald.

And hence why she also talked rather openly about a heretofore private subject…


Christine Brown sits down here for an interview on TLC
Christine Brown sits down here for an interview on TLC to close out Season 18. (TLC)

… her life between the sheets with Kody.

“It was, like, five times in one year,” Brown told McDonald of sex with her former spiritual spouse, adding:

“There’s sex and then there’s intimacy. What we didn’t have was intimacy. The intimacy itself had been gone for years.”

Loyal Sister Wives viewers may recall that Kody told Christine he was taking intercourse off the table amid their struggles in 2021.

Christine has said in the past that such a declaration prompted her to being packing up boxes and making plans to move out.

Christine and Kody Brown photograph
Christine and Kody Brown are no longer married. That’s probably a good thing. (TLC)

“When you don’t have the real, wonderful conversations and heartfelt moments, where you just sit and you be with that person, and you just really have a soul connection and this deep level of love, that is what we didn’t have for years,” Christine continued.

“And finally he said he wasn’t interested and I’m like, ‘Ah, I guess we’re being honest.’”

This honestly pushed Christine to make a decision about which she has no regrets.

She has said numerous times over the last few months that Woolley loves her with no strings attached and no conditions, taking clear shots at Kody in the process.

Kody Brown TLC photo
Kody Brown opens up here on the Sister Wives one-on-one special. (TLC)

Unfortunately for us, meanwhile, the topic of Kody’s love life has been a semi-prominent one of late.

We learned awhile ago that he and Meri hadn’t slept together for 10 years prior to their split in January 2023.

Conversely, Janelle has admitted that her sex life with Kody was top notch.

But it wasn’t enough to sustain their broken relationship, which came to an end in late 2022.

Kody Brown in a suit
Kody Brown is looking quite dapper here, huh? (TLC)

​​“I’m not someone who goes around blabbing about that,” Janelle explained during part 2 of the Sister Wives One on One special, which premiered on TLC on December 3.

She did add in regard to this personal side of things, however:

“That’s not me, I don’t talk about that stuff. I’ll hint at it but yes, of course, everything was very good in that department.”

Host Sukanya Krishnan then asked Janelle if making up after their fights was “the best part of it,” to which the Sister Wives star replied:

“Oh yeah.”

Christine Brown in front of the camera
Christine Brown is featured in this Sister Wives interview. (TLC)

Christine, for her part, is only having sex with Woolley these days.

And she’s thrilled over that.

“I feel like wherever we are together, we just create this amazing unity together,” she recently told People Magazine.

“We’re just a solid unit, and whatever goes on around us just doesn’t even matter. Being married together just solidifies us together.”

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