The transcripts for body camera videos of officers in George Floyd’s death were made public Wednesday. Associated Press’ Amy Forliti, who has been covering the case since the beginning, says they provide more details of Floyd’s last moments. (July 7)

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Seven police officers fatally shot at a man pointing a BB gun at them on a residential street Thursday in San Diego, according to police.

Body cam video released by police Friday shows the man standing on a curb across the street. The man initially drops the gun on the ground but later picks it up and points it at the officers, who fire their weapons.

“Only after the officers were able to examine the weapon hands-on was it determined to be an air-soft gun,” police said.

Thursday’s shooting was the third by San Diego police in less than two weeks, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. It comes amid a nationwide movement for police reform, sparked by the death of George Floyd in police custody at the end of May.

According to San Diego police, two women were driving near the City Heights neighborhood at about 4 p.m. when they said a man with a handgun confronted them. The women told police the man “manipulated the slide as if he was loading the gun and pointed it at them.” The women drove away and called 911, police said.

Body cam transcripts: George Floyd told officers he couldn’t breathe nearly 30 times

Officers arrived at the scene and detained two people, but the women later said the suspects were not the man they had seen. The man in question was a block away, the women said.

The body camera video picks up with the officer passing by a group of officers holding down two suspects on a sidewalk, as a woman in a nearby car yells, “no! over there!”

The officer jogs down a residential street and locates a man in a black t-shirt. Several officers tell the man to get down on the ground. The man does not get down, and the officer takes out his firearm. The man drops the gun. From across the street, officers repeatedly tell the man not to touch the gun.

“Walk backwards dude!” one officer yells. “Walk away from the gun bro, come on!”

After about two minutes, the man picks up the gun and points it at the officers.

“F–ing shoot him,” one officer yells, as officers can be heard firing their weapons.

At least 20 rounds can be heard firing in the video, and the man falls to the ground.

“Settle down,” the officer can be heard telling the other officers.

Cell phone video recorded by a resident through their blinds and published by police shows the man dropping the gun and standing by the curb. He appears to fix his belt for a minute or so before picking up his gun and pointing it at police.

According to police, the man was still moving and pointing his gun at the officers, so the officers fired again. They approached the man using a K-9, bean bag rounds and ballistic shields, police said.

Body camera footage shows the officers tending to the man as the dog grabs hold of his ankle.

Police and fire-rescue personnel performed “life-saving efforts,” but the man died at the scene.


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