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Search for Naya Rivera, Missing ‘Glee’ Actress, Resumes at California Lake


The search for Naya Rivera, 33, who starred in six seasons of the Fox series “Glee” as the sharp-witted cheerleader Santana Lopez, resumed Thursday morning after she was reported missing on Wednesday at Lake Piru in California, the authorities said.

Video from a dock shows that Ms. Rivera and her 4-year-old son were the only people on a boat she had rented when it went out on the water, Sgt. Kevin Donoghue of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office told reporters on Thursday.

“We’ve had no indication, after talking to her son, that Ms. Rivera made it to shore,” he said. “So the focus of our search efforts are in the water at this time.”

After the boat was not returned on time Wednesday afternoon, workers from the dock went out on the lake looking for it, he said.

The boat was found in the northern part of the lake in an area where the water is about 30 feet deep, according to Sergeant Donoghue, which is making the search and recovery efforts more difficult.

“In this particular lake, in that area, there’s a lot of trees and plants and such that are under the water that can cause entanglements,” he said. “It makes it unsafe for the divers, and it makes a more complicated search.”

Later, he added, “If the body is entangled beneath the water, it may never come back up.”

Sergeant Donoghue said that one life jacket had been found on the boat and that Ms. Rivera’s son had been wearing a second one.

About 100 people from several agencies throughout the state are involved in the search, he said.

Ms. Rivera had previous experience boating on the lake, Sergeant Donoghue said, though he did not specify when.

The Sheriff’s Office had said Wednesday night that it was searching for a “possible drowning victim” in the lake. The search was suspended late Wednesday and resumed Thursday morning.

She broke through to wider stardom on “Glee,” with her role growing throughout the first season before she was made a series regular in the second season. In 2015, she was also featured in “Devious Maids,” a comedy drama series on Lifetime.

Ms. Rivera married the actor Ryan Dorsey in 2014 and gave birth to their son, Josey Hollis, in 2015. The couple split in 2018.

Her most recent post on Twitter was a photo of herself and her son.


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