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Sessions Pays the Price for Incurring Trump’s Wrath, Losing Alabama Senate Race


But Mr. Trump’s strong support had always been expected to provide a huge lift for Mr. Tuberville. “The president has endorsed Coach Tuberville because he knows Tommy will stand up for America and not be controlled by the deep state and the big money lobbyists,” said Perry Hooper, a former state representative in Montgomery.

In Texas, Democrats were choosing between M.J. Hegar, an Air Force veteran who has the support of Senate Democrats, and State Senator Royce West in a runoff to determine who will take on Senator John Cornyn.

Mr. Trump scored a victory in an open West Texas House seat, where his preferred candidate, the former White House doctor Ronny Jackson, won a runoff.

In the race for the seat currently held by Representative Will Hurd, who is not seeking re-election, Mr. Trump and Senator Ted Cruz were on opposite sides of the runoff. The president offered a late endorsement of Tony Gonzales, the establishment favorite, while Mr. Cruz backed Raul Reyes, a more conservative candidate.

The most surprising news Tuesday came in a contest that won’t even be decided until next month. Shortly before he was to debate his primary opponents, Steve Watkins of Kansas, a first-term Congressman, was indicted on felony charges related to whether he voted illegally in 2019.

In terms of determining the balance of power in Washington, though, no race on Tuesday may have been more consequential than the Maine primary. The Senate race there is one of a handful that could determine control of the chamber, where Republicans have a majority, 53 to 47.

Ms. Gideon has already raised nearly $23 million, much of it from Democrats who are angry at Ms. Collins for confirming Justice Kavanaugh and not taking a harder line against Mr. Trump.

And now that Ms. Gideon is officially her party’s nominee, she will receive $3.7 million, which has effectively been sitting in escrow for the Democratic nominee since Ms. Collins’s Kavanaugh vote.


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