Shaeeda Sween Suffers Tragic Miscarriage

Even as this season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way continues to introduce new couples, the Happily Ever After? cast remains on our minds.

Just a few weeks ago, Angela was screaming on our screens, Big Ed was being a manipulative creep, and Bilal and Shaeeda were trying for a baby.

That Tell All filmed in September. A lot of fans wondered if there had been an update since then. There has. But not all updates are positive ones.

Shaeeda has shared that she and Bilal suffered a tragic pregnancy loss.

During the Season 7 Tell All special, Shaeeda Sween told her castmates about her attempts to conceive.

Shaeeda Sween wants to be a mother. She was willing to wait and delay for the sake of her husband, Bilal Hazziez. But she knew that she had a ticking clock.

With her fertility window closing, Bilal pledged to work with Shaeeda to have a child. Many viewers felt stunned by his promise.

There were jovial quips about the two hitting it raw from here on out as they tried to make Shaeeda’s dream a reality.

Naturally, ever since the Tell All aired (and even before — it filmed in September), many fans have had an eye on her social media.

Shaeeda might hold off on announcing a pregnancy, for many reasons. But there could be signs — some as subtle as camera angles, others as obvious as a baby bump.

During a recent video that Shaeeda shared, one commenter was admittedly “looking haaaaard for a bump.”

“I lost the bump,” Shaeeda replied to the Instagram comment.

She included a broken heart emoji to punctuate her simple comment. Our hearts are broken for her, too.

The initial comment has since been deleted. That was a very compassionate choice on the part of the commenter.

There is no easy way, and no one “right” way, to announce to the world that you became pregnant but suffered a miscarriage.

Some people never share this news with the world. It is a private pain, for them. Often, they have not even announced the pregnancy.

The possibility of a miscarriage is one of the main reasons that so many people hold off on sharing pregnancy news.

However, Shaeeda obviously knew that many commenters had expressed and would continue to express interest in this topic.

After discussing pregnancy and her desire to become pregnant and her fertility window across two seasons of reality TV, it is part of her narrative. Particularly in the eyes of viewers.

Shaeeda likely felt that she had no choice but to share this painful, private news. That way, most people will find out. Those who know will stop asking. And those who don’t know will find themselves learning from other commenters.

Our hearts go out to Shaeeda and to Bilal at this time. A miscarriage can exact a devastating emotional toll under the best of circumstances.

For Shaeeda, becoming pregnant at all after wanting this for so long, only to suffer this loss? It is enough to make your soul ache on her behalf.

She has our admiration and support. As always.

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