Sister Wives is MY Show, Okay?!?

Over the last two Sunday nights, TLC has aired a wedding special dedicated to the October 2023 nuptials of Christine Brown and David Woolley.

We learned a lot about the couple of these unique Sister Wives episodes, including that Christine’s kids are huge fans of her new husband.

It’s all been very nice and romantic — and unexpected, in the following sense:

Kody Brown was featured on the special. Despite NOT having been invited to his ex-spouse’s actual wedding or reception.

Kody Brown on TLC special
Kody Brown is featured on this Christine wedding special that aired in January 2024. (TLC)

“I wish for them all the happiness that life can give them. That’s my honest feeling and that’s it,” Kody said on January 14.

“It’s hard for that to not be on my mind. We had 25 years together, and I’m just gonna keep talking until those cameras leave.”

Kody added that Christine “doesn’t need my permission” to tie the knot and said even more kind things about the couple:

“Christine had a goal in mind and hopes of finding a soulmate experience and she put a lot of emotional energy into that.

“And I think she did something magical that drew that to her. I think they may be that match made in heaven, and I hope they have a wonderful day.”

Kody Brown, all smiles
Kody Brown seems to have no worries in this Sister Wives scene. (TLC)

Again: Very kind sentiment here from Kody.

The reality star’s mere appearance, however, raises a question: What the heck was Kody Brown doing on this special?

Why did he have any role at all?!?

According to a source who spoke recently to The Sun, the answer comes down to one simple word: MONEY.

Kody Brown here on Sister Wives
Kody Brown is likely saying something selfish in this scene. (TLC)

“Sister Wives is Kody’s show. He’s head of the family and in the beginning, he was head of the family’s contract,” a source says to this publication.

“He was the one who initiated the show. It will forever be his show.

“He’s being kind to allow Christine on the show at this point, but as far as the special goes, he had to be part of it because he knows it brings in money.”

And, as previously detailed, Kody is in debt and needs all the money he can get these days.

Kody Brown TLC photo
Kody Brown opens up here on the Sister Wives one-on-one special. (TLC)

Kody was interviewed on this special alongside Robyn, his favorite wife and his only legal wife.

Simply put — especially without any income he can take for himself from Meri, Janelle or Christine because they’ve all left him — Kody “needed a paycheck,” The Sun added of Kody’s basis for appearing on these installments.

“This is his life and it’s what is helping him pay the bills,” the online newspaper writes.

“He’s going to keep filming as long as he needs to. He’s not going anywhere.”

Christine Brown on Sister Wives special
Christine Brown delves into her marriage in this scene from Sister Wives. (TLC)

On the second part of this wedding special, Kody lamented the hardest part of being left out of the actual fesitivies.

“I’m sad that I’m having to miss the Brown family mosh pit,” he admitted of his sons and daughters on the dance floor.

“Now I feel left out because the Brown family mosh pit is so much fun.”

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