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Standout Elijah McCormick eliminated in top 20 reveal


The top 20 reveal on “American Idol” delivered a bombshell.

“Idol” standout Elijah McCormick, who won over the judges with his vocal chops and incredible account of flatlining nine times following a 2019 car accident, failed to secure America’s vote Sunday night.

In addition to McCormick, five other contestants were also sent home.

The results threw judges Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan and Katy Perry for a loop, with Perry gasping after host Ryan Seacrest announced the results.

“I’m just so shook right now,” Perry said. “The truth is America, you guys have the votes and if you’re not voting, you’re not using your voice. Your faves aren’t safe, so from now on vote for who you want to see.”

Here’s what else went down during Sunday’s episode.

Iam Tongi makes Katy Perry feel like she’s ‘watching a Disney movie’

Teen singer Iam Tongi captivated the judges with his acoustic rendition of “The Winner Takes It All” by ABBA.

“I guess this is called the Iam Tongi Show now,” Perry joked, calling Tongi’s voice “timeless.” “What you’re giving us is transcending everything and hitting everyone in a certain spot. … Watching you become a star feels like I’m watching a Disney movie.”

Bryan echoed Perry’s praise of the 18-year-old contestant.

“God gave you the magic, buddy,” Bryan told Tongi. “Enjoy it.”

To see more of Tongi’s musical magic, text 13 to 21523.

Lionel Richie calls Nutsa a ‘force to be reckoned with’

Georgian vocalist Nutsa understood the assignment.

The 26-year-old, who was encouraged by Perry earlier this week to give a more understated performance, stripped things down with a powerful cover of the Toni Braxton ballad “Un-Break My Heart.”

“You are the hardest-working person I have ever met on this show,” Richie said. “You are a force to be reckoned with.”

Perry, who was booed by the studio audience for her previous critique, clarified the intention of her advice.

“When I said ‘no glitter,’ what I meant was exactly what you gave tonight,” calling Nutsa’s performance “sophisticated.” “You can do it all, but you can also hold the room by just being your powerful Nutsa self.”

If you want to see Nutsa continue to sparkle onstage, text 26 to 21523.

Who else went home after top 20 reveal?

McCormick wasn’t the only one whose “Idol” journey came to an end.

Singers PJAE, Elise Kristine, Emma Busse, Dawson Wayne and Malik Heard also did not make the top 20.

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