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Updating Charts And Maps Show the Pandemic’s Impact


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COVID-19, the disease caused by a novel coronavirus that was first identified in late December in Wuhan, China, has spread across the globe with devastating impacts. The charts and maps below will update to show the most recent data on case numbers and deaths, internationally and in the US.


Global cases by date reported

World COVID-19 cases timeline

This is what epidemiologists call an “epidemic curve,” showing the number of new cases reported per day. As a disease outbreak continues, the number of new cases will initially rise and may later fall as the epidemic is controlled. Because there are weekly patterns in the reporting of cases — for example, some health departments don’t update their data over the weekend — we have also plotted a line showing the seven-day rolling average of new cases to see the overall trend.

The number of recorded cases will depend on the extent of testing for the virus, so the continuing rise partly reflects an increase in testing worldwide.

Global deaths by date reported

World COVID-19 deaths timeline

The number of deaths recorded per day across the globe fell from a peak in mid-April, when the death toll was at its height in Europe and the northeast US. But the decline in deaths stalled in early June, as the coronavirus took hold in Brazil and other Latin American countries.

Although deaths provide a more reliable measure of the impact of COVID-19 than cases, many deaths may have not have been recognized as being caused by the coronavirus and may be missing from official statistics. According to an analysis of excess deaths compared to previous years by the Financial Times, the true number of people who died of COVID-19 during the April peak may actually have been 60% higher than the recorded numbers.

Case rates by country

This map shows the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases so far by country, relative to the size of their populations. Countries shown in white have reported zero cases, while gray means no data.

COVID 19 case rates by country

Death rates by country

This shows the total number of recorded COVID-19 deaths by country relative to population. So far, the worst-affected countries are in Europe.

COVID 19 death rates by country

Total cases and deaths by country

Search this table to find the total number of confirmed cases and recorded deaths for any country. The table is currently sorted according to the countries with the highest total number of deaths.

US cases by date reported

US COVID-19 cases timeline

Line shows 7-day rolling average. Peter Aldhous / BuzzFeed News / Via New York Times

Since the middle of June, cases in the US have been on the rise, driven by growing numbers of infections among people under 40 in states that moved to reopen their economies, including bars and restaurants. Contrary to statements made by members of the White House coronavirus task force, the rise in cases cannot be attributed to an increase in testing. The worst-affected states across the South and West have also reported an increase in hospitalizations with COVID-19, suggesting that the number of severely ill people is on the rise.

US deaths by date reported

US COVID-19 deaths timeline

Line shows 7-day rolling average. Peter Aldhous / BuzzFeed News / Via New York Times

The US experienced a sharp peak in COVID-19 deaths in April, corresponding with outbreaks in the Northeast. While case numbers in the US began to rise again in June in the wake of reopenings across the country, deaths typically lag weeks behind reported cases. After declining for several months, they seem to have started rising after the July 4 holiday weekend.

COVID 19 case rates by state

This shows the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases by state, relative to their population.

Death rates by state

COVID 19 death rates by state

Despite surges in cases in Arizona and other Sun Belt states, no state has come anywhere near the total death rates so far recorded in New York and New Jersey, which were devastated by COVID-19 back in April.

See our county-level maps for a more detailed view of case rates and death rates across the US.

Total cases and deaths by state

Where cases are surging and declining

US COVID-19 surges map

States where the seven-day rolling average of daily new cases has surged in the last two weeks are shown in pink; those where cases are declining appear in green. Any state in which the change is less than 5% in either direction, or in which very few cases have been recorded, is colored gray.

This table breaks down the surges and declines by state, showing the trajectory of new cases as a 7-day rolling average. The bars record total case rates per 100,000 people. The table is sorted according to the states’ populations, from largest to smallest.

See our US COVID-19 surges tracker for a view of surges and declines in COVID-19 cases at the level of individual counties.


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