Ufologist Claims to Show Mummified Alien Specimens to Mexico’s Congress

Mexico’s Congress is usually meant to be a venue for solemn presentations on budgets and other serious legislation. But this week, lawmakers heard testimony from a self-proclaimed U.F.O. researcher who brought with him some unusual objects: two mummified specimens that he claimed were the bodies of extraterrestrial beings.


The presentation of the mummies on Tuesday by Jaime Maussan, a journalist who has speculated widely on aliens, caused jaws to drop and memes to multiply around the country. The two specimens, which Mr. Maussan said were found in Peru in 2017, were tiny in stature and chalky in color; each had three-fingered hands and what appeared to be shrunken or desiccated heads.

“These are nonhuman beings who are not part of our terrestrial evolution,” Mr. Maussan declared under oath, with a sign-language interpreter at his side.

The specimens, he added, had been buried at a remote site in Peru and were about 1,000 years old, according to carbon testing carried out by researchers at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. The researchers, however, distanced themselves from Mr. Maussan’s conclusions.

The university lab which did the testing “disassociates itself from any use, interpretation, or subsequent misrepresentation of the results it provides,” the institute said. “In no case do we draw conclusions about the origin of these samples.”

Similarly, Antígona Segura, one of Mexico’s top astrobiologists, questioned Mr. Maussan’s contentions. “These conclusions are simply not backed up by evidence,” said Dr. Segura, who collaborates with the Nexus for Exoplanet System Science, a NASA initiative to search for life on distant worlds. “The whole thing is very shameful.”

It was unclear how Mr. Maussan got the mummified specimens to Mexico from Peru, whether they are actually from Peru, or if his specimens are reproductions or different from other mummified remains previously said to be extraterrestrial, which are still in Peru.

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